A school for differently abled children.

Autism is always a challenging condition for children and their families.
Sunshine school was started out of a longing to create a quality centre for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder mainly and other developmental disabilities.
To cater differently abled children in such centers SUNSHINE EDUCATION SOCIETY was formed in 2010.


Mr. HIRAK DAS- Chairman of sunshine education trust. Mr. DAS is chairman and founder of Sagarika group of companies and has been active in social and non- profit causes for last 20 years.


Ms. SAGARIKA BAM- The treasurer of sunshine education society, president, Sagarika music Pvt. Ltd. A young and energetic entrepreneur, and is involved in various children welfare organization.


Ms. PARAMITA MAZUMDER- Parent of an Autistic child. She is a qualified special educator and is the present principal of the school.

Sunshine school is a centre for autistic spectrum disorder that caters to the need of individuals who lie in the spectrum. Therefore services range from diagnosis & early intervention to pre- vocational training.
Sunshine team consist of 6 special educator, 3 occupational therapist, 1 speech therapist, 1 art & craft teacher, 1 sports instructor with 5 assistant teachers, 1 Psychologist, Parent counselor who works in collaboration for the development of the child.

Services given:
* Provides assessment intervention training & therapist to person with autism spectrum disorder.
* To provide early intervention for children between 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder.
* To provide effective, structured and conducive environment for learning.
* To offer an intensive & well researched curriculum based on Applied behavioral analysis (ABA), Verbal behavioral analysis (VBA), TEACH complemented with other suitable communication techniques like PECS & Makaton sign language.

* To support, guide & prepare parents for effective management of children's with ASD.
* To prepare a child for mainstream education.
* To provide Structured one on one therapy programs that meets the unique need of the child.
* To provide speech and communication.
* To provide behavioral training programs.
* To provide individualised tranning programe to teach the child perform activity of daily living ( ADL ) indipendantly.
* To focus in integrating the child back to the community.
* Pre- vocational training programs.
* Re-creational activities
* To prepare the child with pre NIOS currculum


EARLY INTERVENTION 2 yrs – 8yrs 1PM – 3:45PM
HALF DAY BATCH 8yrs – 12yrs 9AM – 01:00PM
FULL DAY BATCH 8yrs – 13yrs 9AM – 3:30PM

Remedial Centre
Our School also runs a Remedial centre, Providing Special Education, Speech & Communication Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioural Therapy for Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disease) and also Parent counseling.



A school for differently abled children.
Sunshine school offers a safe, nurturing and highly personalized learning plans and a supportive school setting within a structured , happy and caring environment that allows the children to achieve their maximum potential.